Senecio Himalaya, Himalaya Groundsel

Senecio Himalaya, Himalaya Groundsel

The Barberton groundsel or succulent bush senecio (Senecio barbertonicus Klatt) is an evergreen succulent shrub of the family Asteraceae and genus Senecio, native to Southern Africa,  named after one of its native localities Barberton and is now also being cultivated elsewhere for its drought resistance, clusters of sweetly scented, golden-yellow, tufted flower heads in winter and attractiveness to butterflies,  the painted lady butterfly (Vanessa cardui) in particular. 

Senecio barbertonicus Himalaya is an upright variety of Senecio with densely packed, long, needle-like, bright green leaves and fragrant clusters of yellow, tubular flowers.. This variety can grow to a shrub of 6 feet tall. The bright yellow blooms of summer are sweetly scented and highly attractive to butterflies.

Date Planted

2018 Belgium

Purchase Info

From  in Ikea, plus 3 small plants from Frederik  , 2018

Diseases and Problems


Light: Bright, indirect light through to partial light shade. Some morning or late afternoon sun would be a bonus.

Water: Senecio are very drought tolerant, storing water in their leaves. Allow the soil to dry out between watering. Do not over-water or allow the plants to sit in water.

Temperature: Optimal room temperatures are 18-24°C, however these Senecio can tolerate cooler temperatures even as low as 10°C in winter while the plant is dormant.

Feed: A weak solution of balanced fertiliser once a month during summer.

Care Tips: Trim back some of the new growth each year to encourage the plant to bush out more.

Height and Growth Rate: Ultimate height 20-25cm. Slow growing.


House Plant, Garden Plant, Butterfly Friendly