Planting 2019

Planting 2019

May 15, 2019

Replanted Tomatoes, added Basil and Marigolds in. Tomatoes Planter: Cherokee Purple, Orange Cherry from last year, Rainbow Tomatoes.

Tomato order from compost bin: 1 purple Cherokee – yellow cherry 2 rainbow red, rainbow, yellow cherry, 3 yellow cherry bellow purple Cherokee – rainbow.

From Compost sugar snap – sweet peas. Planted Edible Pod Snow Peas Oregon Giant from Last years crop in the container

Replanted Inca Berries

Planted Peppers small plants bought in a shop red and yellow

May 18, 2019

From Compost in the bed: Lemon cucumbers, Oregon Giant snow peas, old pea (sugar snap, tricolor bush beans ( gold, purple, green) Crystal Apple cucumber. few zucchinis ( tricolor) closer to herbs.