Hebe Addenda – Struikveronica

Hebe Addenda – Struikveronica

Hebe addenda or  Struikveronica   are evergreen plants  which grow about 70 cm high. Annual , but in not too severe winters, Hebe addenda can survive for a few years if in a  sheltered place. This long- flowing plant blooms from July to October. If you regularly remove the flowers, the plant stays in bloom for a long time.


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Replanted into Bigger  pot August 9, 2017


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August 9 2017 Brugge Belgium .

August 29, 2017 bought Addenda Petitta



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The plant likes to be in half shade or sun . It will need  regular water as the soil must not dry out.

Regularly fertilize manure , eg limestone bone meal and protect the plant in heavy frost. Plants are best planted in potting soil.

Hebes cope with most soil types, and can be propagated easily from both seed and cuttings

Their ability to withstand salt-laden winds makes them especially suited to coastal areas, for instance the South West of England, where they are often grown as hedges. However, they are mostly half-hardy, so will not thrive in regions subject to prolonged freezing temperatures