Bidens Beedance, Beedance Painted Red

Bidens Beedance, Beedance Painted Red
Bidens pilosa 100301-0233 tdp.jpg
Bidens pilosa, fruiting head and flower head
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Eudicots
Clade: Asterids
Order: Asterales
Family: Asteraceae
Subfamily: Asteroideae
Supertribe: Helianthodae
Tribe: Coreopsideae
Genus: Bidens
  • Ceratocephalus Cass.
  • Campylotheca Cass.
  • Microlecane Sch.Bip. ex Benth. & Hook.f.
  • Diatonta Walp.
  • Microlecana Sch.Bip.
  • Delucia DC.
  • Bidens sect. Eubidens Boerl.
  • Dolichotheca Cass.
  • Forbicina Ség.
  • Edwarsia Neck.
  • Kerneria Moench
  • Ceratocephalus Vaill.
  • Bidens subg. Kerneria Cass.
  • Bidens sect. Adenolepis Boerl.

The common names beggarticksblack jackburr marigoldscobbler’s pegsSpanish needlesstickseedstickseeds and tickseed sunflowers refer to the fruits of the plants, most of which are bristly and barbed, with two sharp pappi at the end. The generic name refers to the same character; Bidens comes from the Latin bis (“two”) and dens (“tooth”)

‘Beedance Painted Red’ –: Temperature influences the coloring. In warmer conditions, blooms have yellow centers and red-orange tips. In cooler weather, blooms are more solid red-orange. Early flowering – plants were selected to flower under short days.  Continuous flowering – plants are sterile and do not set seed, so Beedance blooms from early spring through fall, until temperatures fall below 32° F. Growing temperatures – 55-76° F. Light – Plants are daylength neutral. No supplemental lighting is needed. Beedance will flower under 11-hour days compared to 12 hours or more for other bidens.

Blooms continuously from spring to fall.

Perfect for all kinds of containers, including window boxes, hanging baskets and combination planters.

Mound-spreading habit.
Height: 9-11 inches
Spread: 3-4 feet

Date Planted

Replanted Jube , 2018

Purchase Info

June 2018 Belgium, Suntory Flowers


Diseases and Problems

Thrips, mites, whiteflies & aphids.

Pests: Pests do not seem to be a problem, but keep a close eye out for pesky aphids that seem to come from nowhere.

Diseases: Growers at Meadow View preventively drench new bidens plantings, as a precaution against root rots, with an OHP 6672/Subdue Maxx tank mix.


Temperature: Finish at 45°F to 50°F for a fuller plant. If grown with warmer crops, the application of a PGR or frequent pinching is necessary. Night temperatures will determine the time needed to mature this crop. Growing at 60°F nights and day venting at 70°F days will provide a 4-inch crop that matures in four weeks and 12-inch hanging baskets that will be ready to ship seven weeks after receiving a final prune, if necessary, at four weeks.

Watering: Do not overwater. Allow plants to wilt slightly before watering to keep growth firm and tighter.

Fertilizer: A balanced feed program for bedding plants is suitable for bidens. Meadow View uses a constant feed at 100 to 150 ppm nitrogen with Jack’s 25-5-15 or 16-5-16 Calcium Magnesium Special.

Growing Media: Meadow View Growers uses Metro Mix 360 potting soil for BeeDance Bidens production.

Finishing: 4-inch pots will finish in about four weeks

Propagation: Propagation of varieties, not protected by licensing, is accomplished using mist that is set up for other vegetative annuals, along with bottom heat.

Lighting: Supplemental lighting is not necessary.

Pinching: Meadow View has found it beneficial to pinch liners of BeeDance Bidens to keep plants compact. This is especially true at planting time to encourage a well-branched foundation for developing a full 4-inch pot plant or hanging basket.

Plant Growth Regulators: B-Nine is a good PGR for this crop at 2,500 ppm. To keep plants full, apply PGRs when internode distance exceeds 1½ inches.

Media Well drained
Soil pH 5.8-6.2
Fertilizer Regular applications of a balanced water soluble feed promotes plant vigor.
Light Full sun
Water Water often to keep soil slightly moist.
Growing Climate 55-76°F
Timing/Pinch Back 4 to 5 inch pot (1liner) 5-7 weeks, 1-2 pinches. 6 inch pot (2liners) 7-10 weeks, 1-2 pinches.


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